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September 18, 2021


Because there was once a time when I cared about such things, I will occasionally still get emails from a group that tracks academic publications.  Supposedly (meaning I have to believe these folks) when they spot my name, they send a query to make sure I am the author.

Here is an actual real life question I got today: Are you the Craig Magee who wrote  "Diachronous sub-volcanic intrusion along deep water margins: insights from the Irish Rockall Basin"?

I replied:  No, you've got me confused with the Craig Magee who wrote about diachronous sub-volcanic intrusions in SHALLOW water.  Easy mistake.  Happens all the time.

-- Craig Magee


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Not to mention the Craig Magee who wrote " Horrors ! I've Become Aware of My Tongue ! " and other self help books.

Are you named in honor of Castle Craig?

From what I can understand of the abstract and his profile, this has something to do with magma plumbing systems, which can result in multiple large-scale plumbers' cracks.

Wow Ralph, thanks for clearing that up. I was about to say the guy relays a message that says, Help ME! I'm related.

"Irish Rockall Basin" WBAGNFARB.

But that's one of my favorite books!

I think I read his autobiography: "Between a rock and a hard place". A great read that'll rock your world!

Ralph---Wouldn't cleaning out a clogged magma plumbing system require a really big snake, like a 16 ft. Everglades python?
Or is this one of those things you just can't get a snake to do?

Snork @Clankie!

Le Petomane — I don't know if a snake would help; it's hard to manually depressurize magma plumbing systems. They are generally self-cleaning, although sometimes inconveniently so.

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