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September 29, 2021


Oscar Mayer offers NASA a Wienermobile to transport moon astronauts

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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So, Never A Straight Answer is withholding "esprit de corps" equipment from it's gay astronauts? Although never heard of them referred to as "moon astronauts" before, but one would suppose in the vastness of space it's any wiener in a storm kind of an attitude.

Oscar Mayer should go all in as a corporate sponsor. Why not paint buns on the side of the rocket carrying the astronauts, as it thrusts upward towards the dark side of the moon???

They could also promote safe sex with condom-ints painted on the rocketing weenie.

Maybe NASA could hire Biggus Dickus as a driver.

IF NASA agreed to this, I would have more faith in our government.

Is Rob an astronaut now?

What could be more American than the Wienermobile transporting astronauts to the launch pad?

How about the Weinermobile transporting Ron Jeremy to the courthouse?

This isn't much different than Musk sending a Tesla car into space.

Yes, I dare dream of driving the Wienermobile.

Better yet: take the weinermobile up to the moon, and drive it over there.

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