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September 14, 2021


Elderly man in Fukuoka Pref. city bitten in buttocks by monkey, 18th case since Aug.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Fukuoka buttocks biting monkeys pale in comparison to the soreness caused by buttocks penetrating monkeys known to Phuket.

Good one man tom!

Perhaps they should do this to the monkey.

Or spank it!

Years ago a man named Fukukuda owned a business near us. He had his name on a plaque in the parking lot above his back door. A friend of mrs man tom's and her teenage daughter drove to our office and parked in he back. The teenage daughter says, "Who is that guy F**K U Kuda back there, I noticed his sign above the door?"

Many years ago a restaurant named Prick King was doing business near us. mrs man tom asked the female owner why she chose that name. The female owner's reaction:


years ago I ate lunch at Kapow often. Never had the pleasure of eating at Sukup.

Close by, but never dined here.

I booked marked directions in case Dave ever comes here and get the chance to take him for a delectable bite to eat.

After lunch I can take Dave to L.A. shopping.

For an unforgettable desert, you won't forget, I recommend number 7.

*In my search for deserts, I couldn't find a link to the Golden Fuk. Much better and really sets the mood.

When I was younger, I recall being addressed as, "You Fugger" on a few occasions.

An unreliable source claims the city of Fukuoka was originally named Karaoke, but changed it's name to save face and improve it's image. Then the monkey butt biters showed up and this happened. Sometimes sons of honorable ancestors can't catch a break.

If monkeys aren't flying out of your ass then they're biting you in the butt. RIP Norm McDonald.

All I can say is, if a monkey kept biting me in the ass, long before the 18th time getting bitten I'd wear monkey-proof underwear.

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