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September 28, 2021


Customer Finds Naked Woman In Jeep For Sale

(Thanks to pharmaross and gameier)


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Introducing the brand new for 2022, Jeep Erotica. Turbo charged for more driving fun, period stained leather bucket seats...

Sex sells, but there's probably no guarantee, or maybe she just likes to do it in the mud.

"It's a Jeep thing, you just won't understand."

Wait, just so we're clear, it's the Jeep that's for sale, right?


I guess no one needed to Guess the State.

There are those who would pay extra for the smell and period stained seats.

Police officers and detail shop employees rank right up there with maids, EMTs, firefighters, plumbers and morticians as people who get called in for the really dirty jobs. I'm sure I left some out. I once knew a law enforcement officer who worked graveyard shift in a large metro area. Besides paperwork, he spent most of his time cleaning DWI barf out of the back of his patrol car.

Perhaps she just misses Jeff and the Lolita Express?

My new Jeep very definitely did NOT have this feature. Wait, let me go doublecheck...


Her first mistake was not doing it in a Tesla 'cuz most likely nobody would have noticed.

Does she come in leather? Asking for a friend.

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