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September 13, 2021


It Took the Owner of Swanky Restroom Trailers Time to Find Her Happy Place, But It Was Sure Worth the Wait


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A Party Pooper Entrepooneur Flushed With Pride

Bulbhead late night commercial: A suggestion.

Ever get tired of wiping? Through tis exclusive offer, not found on Amazon or in J.C. Penny's catalogue, it's Poopsy 'we wipe your ass for you' hands on service. Call our toll free number right now, operators are standing by, and receive a free wipe. On us. How does it work. When you need to wipe, just call the toll free number and we will send a qualified "Poopsy Wipe, *hands on* specialist right to your door. *Arrival times may vary depending on the level of ass wipe service you chose. Just let them in bend over and swissshhh, your ass has been wiped for you! *Key wolf whistle sound effect*

Call now. Offer not good in any state except California. We are trying to help with poo on the street situation there. Poopsy wipe. Don't wipe without us! *Wolf whistle*

This is what happens when the proud owner of a two-holer hits the lotto and goes from stanky to swanky. Dave, this may be a sign that you're spending too much time in the hinterlands, so may you soon return to the joys of frozen iguanas and the road rage episodes of I-95.

My grandma had a swanky, two-sitter, restroom.

"I wanted a company name different from anybody else"

Yes... "Poopy's Potties" will certainly take care of that.

It's refreshing to see a business that proudly advertises crappy service. Most often it comes as an unexpected surprise.

Surely "Swanky Restroom Trailers" is a double oxymoron?

I know, don't call you Shirley.

This is what happens when you won't stop to let your poor wife pee.

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