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September 24, 2021


A sneezing ferret has tested positive for COVID in Florida, federal authorities say


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When the gerbils start to come down with it anal sex will never be the same.

I saw The Sneezing Ferrets open for Flo & Eddie and Zappa.

Heckuva show.

Due to the spread of COVID, The Sneezing Ferrets and the Gesundheit Band has regretfully canceled all scheduled concerts until further notice.

Other mustelids like mink are well-known to be susceptible to COVID-19, and ferrets have been known as potential hosts since 2020. However, there is little evidence that any animals commonly re-transmit it back to humans, and cats and dogs are a much greater risk for that, just due to sheer numbers. And ferrets already have masks.

I thought The View taped in NYC?

I do hope it resided at the Villages.

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