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August 27, 2021


Number of French women sunbathing topless hits its lowest for 40 years amid fears they could be secretly photographed and posted on social media

(Thanks to Michael Moyer, who asks "And just where, exactly, is the UN when you need them?")


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"Something inappropriate posted on social media? I read that's not possible."

"Where did you read that?"

"On social media."


PG-18 *NSFW*



I had a GF who used to sunbathe nude in the parking lot at Central Hardware. This was long before social media. You had to be there to see it. Them.

Well, this might explain why those damn Russian photographers are always stunned, and why they filmed that parking lot sized roomba on the Florida Turnpike.

Only three words could describe the scale of this terribly distressing, distressing I say, decline in topless sunbathing by women anywhere;
"Oh, the humanity!"

Uh, man tom--You wouldn't happen to have any vintage photographs from your Central Hardware parking lot days? I could see some completely scientific and objective studies being done on the history and health advantages of topless sunbathing. The results will, of course, be published on the Internet.

So, the numbers are sagging?


What if they wear a large beach hat?

Sorry to see the topless tradition at French beaches sag.

Thanks for the mammaries.

Can someone explain why people who want to sunbathe nude in public would worry about being seen?

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