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August 27, 2021


In Norway, peeing toward Russia will get you fined

(Thanks to Ralph and pharmaross)


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When they make it illegal to fart in the general direction of Russia, that will be time to start the revolution.

Don't eat the yellow Ruskie snow.

In their defense, they were really peeing towards the Chinese Communist Party.

Ve have da pissy pics but we are still stunned by what tiny penises you Norwegians posses, but if you blame it on the cold weather ve'll allow for it & do our best to fix it in photo-shop. Luv, Boris & Natasha P.S. Taking a much needed warm weather vacation on the French Riviera & will take lots of beach pics. See you later.

MARTHA! Looks like we have to change our vacation plans!

A woman was fined for “putting her left hand on the other side of the border.”
She put her left hand on the other side of the border/river? I want to see pictures.

Did she have enough time to shake-it-all-about?

That's religious discrimination.

I fully agree with them.

What if your house toilet faces East? What then?

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