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August 26, 2021


Polish national park warns about giant cannibal alien slugs

(Thanks to Ralph)


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As opposed to giant cannibal resident slugs?

The Roswell, New Mexico, space aliens tell us THESE are not the cannibal slugs we need to worry about. They claims some alien slugs have wings and could eat most of Chicago and still be hungry.
Sometimes, it's really difficult to tell when these space aliens are putting us on or actually warning us. Then again, maybe the flying purple people eater was an alien slug? Most legends are based on fact...Is it happy hour yet?

Not to worry, the Poles will figure out some way to make smoked sausage out of them, but then the Ruskies will try to steal them.

But I thought Idi Amin was dead.

If that wasn't bad enough they've found the first raccoon living in Warsaw.

By the way, these things are common invasives in North America. I've seen them here in Texas. Be advised not to handle them with bare hands. They harbor parasitic nematode larvae that can be transferred to you.

Somehow, they don't seem to have been reported from Florida.


Rod Nunley--Florida has so many invasive alien slugs to deal with they just haven't gotten around to adding this particular species to the list. Have patience, they are in Florida, just not counted yet.

Aren't they known as "snow-slugs" in Florida?

Whatever happened to the comic strip 'NANCY' ?

@ leDud -

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