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August 29, 2021


A self-healing 'blob' from space will soon be arriving on Earth

(Thanks to Suzie Q Wacvet)


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Please!, out of respect for Dave's request, let's not make any comparisons between Physarum polycephalum (slime mold) and any current, past, or possibly future political figures!

Have we learned nothing for the 60's & 70's horror/syfy movies?

Acellular Slime Molds are neither very slimy nor are they molds. Please give these poor misunderstood blobs the respect they deserve.

Power to the Physarum polycephalum!

@Ralph:(In the interest of keeping a balance between the varied political interests represented here on the blog)
Down with Physarium polycephalum!

How long before it begins to Tweet nude pictures of itself, I wonder ?

The Blob is back! I saw a movie about it once.

Having a blob visit Earth is probably not a good thing. On the good side it has no brain and 720 sexes (we assume the scientists counted them)so it could be a jolly blob. The self-healing part is worrisome as we don't have Steve McQueen to save us if the blob turns out to be testy. In any case, to use an old movie title, Guess Who is Coming to Dinner?


I have in the past used the Tweaktown web site to research high tech computer parts I was writing articles about. Until now I had no idea meth-smoking insane people were employed there. I bet the author is a 'thanks for the meth' lets do it right here, right now on the parking lot sex crazed exhibitionist.

Le petomane - the other day you were asking if I had any photos of the incident with my GF on the Central hardware parking lot?

It looked a lot like this.

I'm searching family photos for a better shot, Hold the phone.

Le Petomane - ok, bad picture snapped a few moments after the earlier entry. But GF looked like this sunning herself at Central hardware. I'm sure it's her, I forgot to label the picture and it could have been some other chick I was dating. That is not me seated on the step giving her the meth,. Let me explain what is going on here. The dude got her high, I watched him do it. She got up and made gestures for him to jump on her right there on the concrete parking lot. When He didn't respond, the idiot, she pulled her shirt up and exposed her breasts. That still didn't cause it to occur to him to go ahead and have sex with her right there on the concrete. In the least, she was hoping to get a better tan. I didn't move the video forward a few frames because Dave would personally kick my ass for ruining his blog.

If I find a better shot, I'll post it on some other blog and let you know.

Le Petomane - Show this one to the geezer acre aliens. Tell them you have a source and can get more for cash.

I never recognized these people until I watched this educational video: How do you know you are speaking to a meth addict? What do they look like? What are a meth addict's physical and behavioral characteristics? Love life and other peculiar habits?

I approve this video, Howard 'The Dean' Dean.

I saw "Self-Healing Blob" open for "Meatloaf".

Audrey III?

I second Le Petomane's comment about Steve McQueen.

A few years ago I had something growing and eating away the bark of one of my trees. Turned out to be something called dog vomit slime mold. (Isn't that lovely?) Research said it should go away on its own when the area is allowed to dry out and is exposed to direct sunlight. (it didn't go away) Spraying it with hydrogen peroxide was what finally broke it down enough for sunlight and nature to get rid of it.

man tom--I did show your pics to the Roswell space aliens and they were simply dumbstruck. They did, however, offer to help start a Go Fund Me to raise money to replace your bigfoot/lake monster camera.

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