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August 22, 2021


Brad Staggs, an American soldier stationed in the Middle East, recently interviewed me for his podcast, The Working Writer. Apparently he was under the impression that I am working. Ha ha! Just kidding! Sort of. But seriously, Brad is a good man and I enjoyed the interview, which you can find here. The Apple Podcast version is here.


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Dave being Dave...

Humorous, insightful.

Do we have to use Scrivener to make future blog posts?

Great interview!!!

Thanks for the free 1-hour link to listen. They want $1,149. for a ticket to your upcoming Sonoma confab. That must have Rodney Dangerfieldesque laugh-a-minute material. Somebody's got to cover the bar tab.

It's kinda like: Q.) What do you call a drummer with only one stick? A.) The conductor Q.) What do you call a writer who ISN'T working? A.)A writer.

cfjk: if your writer isn't working, use your lefter. That usually works.

Leave it to Dave, Amy Tan and Barry Collins to keep it real with a FREE public event on Saturday at the Sonoma Valley Author's Festival.

The only way I'd pay over $1,000. for admission would be to watch nursecindy give a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation demonstration with an amorous sea snake.

If your writer doesn't work well online you can always push the delete button (AKA the E-racer).

Fun interview! It's great to hear about your writing process and experiences along the way.

Not to be overly optimistic, but my greatest hope with my hobby writing is that I'll meaningfully contribute to some future archaeological find, and one that will be interpreted as more than just a doorstop from an earlier era.

Bulletin: Dave is a great Guest Speaker.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the entire interview. The Sun-Maid Raisin Cinnamon Swirl bread and cold coffee went well while listening. I have suggested to mrs man tom many times to suggest to the people organizing some of the many conventions we have attended in the past to request Dave Barry to be the Guest Speaker. In the past Jay Leno was taken on as the Key Note speaker, but jay Leno is no Dave Barry.

Listening to the conversation reminds me a story mrs man tom tells often. I'm growing tired of hearing the story every week. The story goes like this.

A very famous 'giant in the industry' was mrs man tom's professor for some time and 'the giant man' eventually suggested mrs man tom would be an excellent candidate to become a professor. She became a professor shorty thereafter. So, mrs man tom tells the story like this.

He got me the job, but a lot of students would come to 'the giant' and ask for a letter of recommendation for whatever position they were seeking, could have been an admission letter, etc.

'The giant man in the industry' would say, "sure" and proceed to write the letter of recommendation. He would pick up the phone and call the person He wrote the letter of recommendation too and say, "I just wrote a letter of recommendation for sew and sew and I didn't mean a thing in the letter, just disregard it."

The Sonoma Author event organizer enticed Dave to attend this writer's gathering by promising him 33% of the gate proceeds to Saturdays public event.

What on earth is a Pay On Delivery cast ?

How do I sign up for Dave's creative writing class?

What kind of diploma or certificate will I receive?

I think I saw a poster advertising it with Dave's picture prominently displayed, on a wall down at the Post Office.

Somebody leaked the title to the novel Dave is currently working on...


Wouldn't it be great to have Dave as a creative writing instructor.

Many years ago I attended traffic school for a ticket I was unjustly issued. The instructor was a young man who throughout his presentation was very entertaining and got a lot of laughs throughout. This punishment class was a two day event. I remember thinking, 'I can't wait to get back here tomorrow night and be entertained like this, this really fun!'

So the next night, eerything was equally humorous and entertaining. When it came near the end of the night the instructor pulls out a framed photograph of a nice looking young woman and holds it in front of him. Then he Says, 'I want to be serious for a minute and talk about the tragedies that can break families apart by some foolish, drunk drivers who cause so much pain and heartache. All the time he is holding the picture of the young girl at his chest. He goes on a while longer talking about the overwhelming pain that can be caused by speeding, drunken driving. Finally someone in the class says, "is that your daughter, sorry you lost her." he says, "oh this, no this is just a picture of some girl, I don't have a daughter."

Great interview! And inspirational!

I've used Scrivener for a long time. I was using Scrivener to write some new design documents at work just last week. I also use it for another more extended project. It is really great for organizing and rearranging material... SO much better than using Word.

I do wish Scrivener had Grammarly integration, though.

...well, back to Scrivener.

That reminds me... The company that makes Scrivener, Literature and Latte, makes another tool called "Scapple", which is a program to help you brainstorm ideas. It's very simple, and very effective. There's a free trial on their website.

Enjoyed the interview, Dave. The movie Big Trouble had me howling with laughter. My husband said of the airplane filled with Gator fans “you, Jane, looks just like you and your friends.” It was perfect.

Greatly enjoyed the podcast, Dave! My favorite part was where you said it was "easy to not write" because no one was telling you when or where to write. Ah, the age-old challenge of being "both boxer and trainer," as Lev Grossman once put it.

Very sweet of you, too, to refer to us as "a good company of people," when we all know you are the sun and we are the collective planet Uranus.

Scrivener sounds like the way to go. Maybe I'll switch over from Word and finally finish my book, provided it works in Japanese (which is still not as hard as trying to erase a horizontal black line in Word...or is that just me).

Mwah! Love to Dave and fellow blog commenters.
Also {{ Mad Hatter }} - totally agree with "we all know you are the sun and we are the collective planet Uranus."

I have always said that there is no harm in asking other than to one's own pride. If they say No you're no worse off that if you had not asked. But if they say Yes, look at what you have gained.

Until I listened to this podcast (here in Flathead County we call it listening to the radio) I had always thought 'Scrivener' was an expensive Russian vodka. Good advice on writing, but they didn't cover how to get writing with a pencil on a Big Chief tablet to print. Guess we need to take a class on that.

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