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August 01, 2021


Scientists develop male contraceptive that uses magnets, nanoparticle injections

(Thanks to ImNotDave and Michael Parry, who says “Apparently, the only side effect is that you get stuck to the refrigerator.”)


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Your "resistance is futile" joke here.

So, basically, a ball magnet? So, it will work on the same principles as those with the clot-shotted magnetic arms?

Uh, I foresee problems using magnets, especially in the Antipodes. With the magnetic poles shifting, couldn't the man be repelled (literally) from his mate, and horror of horrors, the refrigerator? We assume when you flush a toilet down under, the water swirls counterclockwise vs clockwise in the Northern hemisphere. This could confuse the heck out of the little nanoparticle thingies.
Clearly, this subject need more study. The scientists could start in Australia, which has beautiful, peaceful, restful places to visit and study. What could go wrong?

Researchers Weihua Ding and Fei Sun realized after injecting their testicles with the nanoparticles not a single one of the nations' 700+ million females would have sex with either of them, however all the mice in the lab were found screwed to death.

Where is my head you ask?

Loving heavy metal could be a fatal attraction.

The female star of the 2021 Cannes Film Festival winner, 'Titane', could have benefited from this metallic birth control...

'Titane' clip

And she loved 'Hot Rods'

The funniest thing in the article was the link at the bottom that says, “scientists discover gene, area in male brain that controls carnal desire.” Well, how hard could that be? The gene involved is the y-chromosome and the area of the brain involved is “the whole thing.”

So scientists claim that they've found men's brains but they didn't say where? Next scientists will claim that they've found the G-spot. Those scientists could gave saved a lot of money on their education by just asking women the answer to those mysteries.

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