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August 27, 2021


Backseat cows spotted in Wisconsin McDonald's drive-through line

(Thanks to B'game, pharmaross and Jane Linderman)


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My Big Mac is a little rare and I'm gonna need a bigger bun.

That cow looks well relaxed. McDonald's must be having success with it's meatless McPlant burgers. The super sized GMO fat enhanced, possibly sentient potato French fries are still in the testing phase, however.

Somebody doesn't understand how the drive-thru at a shake & burger joint works.

The pandemic has shut down the dine-in area and disrupted their food supply distribution network.

For now, it's b.y.o.m. (bring your own meat).

"No one seemed to be as interested as I was. I was the only one with my phone out."

The modern-day battle cry. To which I say: Get a @#$%&8! life.

Backseat Cows toured with Drive-by Truckers

The circle of life goes round and round. One day you’re wondering what’s coming out of a little window, and then you find yourself being shoved through it — one ground-up chunk at a time.

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