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August 04, 2021


Environmental scientist warns that pollution is causing penises to shrink

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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And I thought it was just me. What a relief.

Remember when we just blamed it on being in the pool? Today it's pollution taking the rap, tomorrow it'll be climate change.

And don't forget the squirrels, always blame the squirrels.

Well, the squirrels certainly do contribute to the nut shortage.

Interesting article. The pictures of eggplants made me think it's been far too long since I have grilled some, and also brought to mind this tune:


I believe I'll pass on putting condoms on bananas, cucumbers, chilis, etc., since this type of behavior could, under some circumstances, get one institutionalized. For most guys, it will likely be safer all around to just eat hamburgers with fries, drink beer, watch TV and forget reading this book.

And I would have sworn mine was getting bigger.

Does pollution make your hands shrink?

Exactly how much pollution is Unholy Slacker putting out to cause this?

Well-played, Nurse Cindy. {clapping}

I don't know. The author being a woman sort of suggests a bias here.

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