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August 30, 2021


Tennessee bride arrested and charged with biting a police officer after a fight broke out at her wedding

(Thanks to AmoebaStampede)


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In their defense, in my experience this is usually how the rehearsal dinner ends.

Like the time I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.

Biting a police officer?

That's an open and shut case.

Police put a stop to it by hiding her teeth.

♫ I was dancin' with my darlin' to the Tennessee Waltz
When the po-po I happened to see ♪
I introduced him to my teefers and while I was chompin'
My teef stole my freedom from me

♫ I remember the night and the Tennessee Waltz
Now I know just how much I have lost
Yes, I lost my little husband the night they were playing ♪
The beautiful Tennessee Waltz


MOTW, may I have the next dance?

w2575 Did you mean to say "Just bite me"?

Perhaps she'll be less frisky after the honeymoon.

That can't be kosher.

I hope that poor police officer is current on all his shots.

Here in Flathead County we would consider the new bride has poor taste.

Something blue.

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