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August 02, 2021


6:53 p.m. Dogs were heard barking on a butt dial.

(Thanks to Mary Smith)

UPDATE: 5:14 p.m. A suspicious male taking photos in the bathroom was just “taking pictures of the tile to capture the face of God.”

(Thanks to Roberto and Mary Smith) 


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Do gerbils bark?

9:48 p.m. A woman on a 911 call screamed “I found him!” and hung up.

She found him on the grass.

7:54 a.m.-A man was sitting in the road.
12:17 p.m.-Fast driving and loud noises were reported.
5:03 p.m.-A man lying in the grass was asked to move, and is now sitting in an alley.
11:37 p.m.- A gentleman near a church was scaring birds away.

All the above calls were concerning a local character by the name of Wesley Dunlap, but not to embarrass him, I'll just refer to him as Mr. D. This guy is constantly making news and scaring dogs and birds, but he's harmless and a fun talking point in bars, so we let him be, especially since the sheriff got tired of trying to settle him down.

This why one should never do meth, or a line of coke for that matter, on the tile floor of a public toilet.

9:48 PM - You can’t say people in Flathead are quitters. Those “Where’s Waldo?” books have been out for what- 30 years??

The Busch Light/Twisted Tea thief was performing a public service.

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