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August 24, 2021


Gigantic poop almost kills man

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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A Musical Movement

Doctor to man's wife: "Ma'am your husband is really pooped. We think we can save him, but he'll walk funny for a long time."

Why is it there's never a large snake around when you could really use one? (or a fusilli Jerry, for that matter)

" The doctors were unsure of the cause of his build-up."

Stop watching the evening news.

There are consequences when shit DOESN'T happen.

But he got a lot smarter once it was removed, right?

Milk of magnesia is your friend. Trust me, I know...

What, did it fall on his head? *reads article*
I think having it fall on his head might have been less painful.

But there was no mention of if the poop was venomous.

“...backlog of brown matter.” I must revise my indelicate comment on the cow thread to read ‘Home is where the brown matter is.’

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