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August 26, 2021



(Thanks to Ralph)


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This discovery could go over big in Widaho---literally.

“To be honest, we were probably expecting some catastrophic effects.”

It ain't over yet...

So, if they can add the human fat gene to potatoes, can they remove it from humans? Inquiring minds wand to know.

This will be popular until people figure out that they are eating a potato with genes from some human.

On the other hand, this opens up a lot of marketing possibilities by bragging that the fat gene from a given brand of enhanced potato came from a famous person who is visibly obese.

This will make potatoes even more fattening than they already were.

Does that make them self-Frenching?

There's a 1950s low-budget sci-fi movie in here somewhere....

I'm not going to disable my pop-up blocker to read the article.

McQuestion: "Would you like to Super Size your fries or just get some fat genes mixed in?

Eating potatoes is part of how I grew huge.

Stop making fun of fat Jean.

I prefer mine baked and with butter & sour cream.

Big snork @MOTW!

Mr. Potato Head is going to need an angioplasty and coronary artery bypass graft performed by Dr. Barbie with Nurse Midge assisting.

Nurse Midge is back on duty after getting off the sauce and drying-out at the Malibu Barbie Rehab Center.

Don't ask me to post her presentation video to the other inpatient rehab participants.

The human fat gene donor has been revealed.

This cardiothoracic surgeon will be assisting Dr. Barbie and the recently sober Nurse Midge, during Mr. Potato Head's cardio procedures after receiving the fat gene (not to be confused with Fat Jean, the E.R. nurse).

After following this blog for quite awhile, I've come to learn of Dave's affection for squirrels. There seems to be a lot of squirrels in North Carolina. As summer wanes and fall begins, the North Carolina squirrels will be gathering nuts for the winter.

This story is dedicated to the squirrels of North Carolina and is about their favorite food

(and where they can put it).

Hot Nuts!

This is such good news here in Flathead County, many people are now dancing to a great old tune that is still on some juke boxes in these parts. When one or two potatoes can feed a family of four for a month, it's time to celebrate.


Well there's something else vegans can't eat.

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