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August 01, 2021


If you see a squirrel laying flat on the ground, don’t panic. It’s probably just ‘splooting,’ officials say

(Thanks to pharmaross, who says “If there are treadmarks on its back, it is 'splatting'.”)


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I agree with pharmaross. There is a distinct difference between splooting squirrels and splatting squirrels. The difference can be easily changed by simply startling a splooting squirrel to cross the road and with luck and traffic, the splooting squirrel is tuned into a splattered squirrel. Have a fun squirrel splattering day.

Great. Here comes the next stupid Instagram trend.

Are we sure that splooting isn't a reult of the squirrels attempting to whiffle?

If one could spatchcock a splooting squirrel could they be made into California bacon?

Yum! Fried squirrel.

You don't want squirrels in your attic, although there is medicine now you can take.

Possibly related


Squirrels and other rodents can be a healthy part your complete breakfast! But they’re only marginally more appetizing than insects. 🤮
(Full disclosure: I did eat squirrel meat once as a child.)

Where does beaver rank on the "complete breakfast" scale?

"If you see a squirrel laying flat on the ground, don't panic." To quote Mad Magazine's Alfred E. Newman: "What ME worry?"

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