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August 25, 2021


It looks like bird dung, but it’s really a predatory spider

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Once they've been added to your modular food square you'll never even notice.

“They stay there for over 12 hours or more,” Li said. “Sometimes they just stay there for their whole life.”

I guess they're too pooped out to go somewhere else.

The scientists painted the spiders? Did they hire the services of a professional spider painter or attempt a DIY makeup? No matter, the results will always look like crap.

On the subject of bird dung spiders in Australia, it's very likely the spiders do live there and have evolved to become highly venomous. People who live there and suffered 'problems' while cleaning bird poop off their patios have had pathologists and undertakers blame snakes, duck billed platypuses, venomous parakeets---well, lets just say they have a long list to choose from and missing the bird dung spiders is an understandable oversight.

For everyone's benefit, especially nursecindy, here is a handy spider identification chart.

Bird Dung Crab Spider pick-up line:

"Hey, baby, you look like sh*t today."

5-star snork Ralph!

I once used that line with my ex and it didn't go over very well.

Her attorney left me feeling down in the dumps.

"The findings have opened new questions on how the dung deception evolved."

Don't any of these scientists follow politics ?

Of course, Dung Deception WBAGNFARB.

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