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August 30, 2021


Canadians are having more sex during the pandemic, unless they’re living with their partners

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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On the plus side, this is why one seldom finds a glory-hole in one's private abode.

Sexy Canadians

"Every article you read here is written by university scholars and researchers with deep expertise in their subjects, sharing their knowledge in their own words."


Canadians are having more sex during the pandemic, unless they’re living with their partners.

University Scholar Reason/Conclusion:

I wouldn't have sex with her with your *expletive*.

Canadians are having sex?

Are you sure this isn't fake news?

So to extrapulate, deduce, and infer from the headline...

Canadians are more promiscuous and committing more infidelity during the pandemic


Canadians are exercising more self gratification during the pandemic!

O Canada!

Our home and native land,

True patriot love,
in all our hands command.

With glowing hearts we make it rise, the True North long and free!

O Canada! O Canada! We get it on for thee!!!

Ooooh Canada! Yes! Yes! Yes!


Damn spell-check auto-correct.

Should be...

So to 'extrapolate'...

"In direct contrast to the early media predictions about skyrocketing rates of sex between couples, our data found that pandemic stress actually drove up desire for sex with oneself, not with a partner."


I can articulate both the British and American English pronunciations of this hot button word

Which makes me a cunning linguist!

It depends on your definition of Canadian sex. Sometimes, the road to sex takes rather odd and unexpected twists, especially among lumberjacks.



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