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August 31, 2021


Man undressed in Lowe's, fearing bomb in his pants

(Thanks tp pharmaross)


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The article does not mention whether something was incredibly involved.

Kelvin Cooper -->
Pork violence
Pickle or oven
Kelp or novice
Olive nor peck
Cover ole pink

I've had things go off in my pants on occasion.

I ride my bicycle on the W&OD trail a lot. Like, 6000 miles last year. A couple of times a wasp has gotten in my shorts.

It's amazing how fast you can stop, dismount, and get your pants off, when you've got an irate wasp up there.

From working a few years in a mental hospital, I would assume the bomb left in Mr. Coopers pants may not be what most people would suspect.

No, that's NOT a fuse, and that's definitely not the proper way to use feminine hygiene products.

I challenge anyone to try and find an available changing room at Lowe's. Worse than Home Depot.

Had this incident took place 60 years ago the guy would have been in Central Hardware telling police to, "go ask Alice if she would assist putting his pants back on."

I've had days in diaper duty where the bomb actually went off.

As nursecindy would say, SOUTH Carolina.

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