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August 25, 2021


A nurse was arrested on a drunk driving charge after crashing her car at Villages Rehab.

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner)


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No amount of rehab will make her look any younger.

Sounds like she was nursing a cold one.

In her defense, perhaps she was a bird dung crab spider in a previous life?

a bottle of Dasani water with alcohol mixed in.

Never mind "hard tea" and "Hard lemonade." I'm waiting for some company to start selling "hard water" and you know there are people who will buy it.


Here it is

On the positive side, Nurse Ratched is still working as a nurse.

Maybe it's just me, and the fact I'm a nurse but, I see a woman who has probably worked many double shifts, including holidays. I worked every Thanksgiving for ten years. She's probably held the hands of many people while they were on their way out of life. A lot of people go to work and then leave it at the office. As a nurse, we take our work home in our hearts and brains. I still have memories of patients that I wanted to make it but didn't. I once sang "Jingle Bells" with two little girls in the back of an ambulance because I was trying to distract them from the fact their parents had both just been killed by a drunk driver. It was two days before Christmas and he'd hit their car so hard their Christmas gifts had popped out of the trunk. I was also a paramedic.
What she did was wrong. I have zero tolerance for drunk drivers but unless you've walked a mile in her white shoes, don't judge her or make fun of her.
Pharmaross? That's the second time you've posted that video and I don't find it funny. Instead, I think it's offensive so stop it, please.
I'm sorry this is a downer but this is how I feel.

Dark humor? Anyone? Hello? There's more than enough evil in the world, here, let's stay focused on trying to bring light to what can be a very dark world. Merry Christmas. (On the plus side, meth-gators are probably still not a reality, as far we know, & somebody get NC a well deserved hard water.)

She may be a wounded healer. Nursing is a tough business under the best of circumstances. COVID has made it a lot tougher. I noticed the suspect in the article is 71. I know a couple ladies over age 70 who are still working as nurses. I think it's partly because they need the money, but also because they love being of service to others. Also because nurses in my area were being called out of retirement to help because of COVID. Thank God they were willing to step up.

{{ nursecindy }} Thank you for sharing perspective and experience.

I always tell people at a retirement party that in short order, they will look at least 5-10 years younger than the rest of us because they won't have the stress and strain of justifying their existence like the rest of us chumps who need to keep working.

Hopefully Miss Shirley will get the help and support she needs.

I've interfaced with thousands of outstanding nurses in my three-decade medical sales career.

In fact, a nurse pushing 80 just jabbed me with my Moderna booster a few minutes ago and here I sit for a half hour under surveillance as I'm immunocompromised.

Hats off to hard working nurses on the front lines and may the ones walking a yellow line on the side of a road get the help they need before they injure themselves or others.

Bless you, nursecindy.

That is a hard 71, though.

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