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August 03, 2021


Iguana Found Thrashing Around Toilet In Hollywood Home

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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That was very cruel of Kurt, taking away a toilet python's meal like he did.

The snakes aren't going to like this intrusion into their habitat.

In the iguana's defense, it was just seeking refuge from the sharks.

I love Breaking News: Exclusives. The Iguana in the toilet story is worthy of the designation and investigative reporters certainly go the distance with their investigative reporting regarding this story. Capturing the stick leading of the toilet which led to the Iguana's capture was eye popping Breaking News at it's best. What fun it must be to be an investigative reporter. I can not understand why other local news stations vans were not lined up around the block trying for a piece of the action. Now in L.A. the bulk of our Breaking News Exclusives are surrounded around one issue and one issue alone.

I saw Thrashing Iguanas open for Toad the Wet Sprocket.

Australia and Thailand have toilet snakes, we have toilet iguanas.

@man tom — I clicked on that crime report video. It is too awful for words. I can’t believe this is the same country I grew up in.

Next winter, when there's a cold snap, remember to put your iguanas in the toilet to protect them from the weather.

Just curious....Was the seat up or down?

Math-Yoda - My sentiments exactly. I watched a man, twice, pull his pants down and take a dump first at my neighbor's entrance to his back door. Then again the next day in his parking lot. I watch as they smoke meth freely, unrestrained, on my security cameras. Throw things to threaten customers by day, smoke meth and burglarize by night. I think to myself, "these people are out of their minds." Which is exactly how I described the situation writing my contribution to a lawyer friend on our block who is currently drawing up a letter everyone on our block will sign and have delivered to our city councilman. I reminded our friend to not use the connotation 'homeless' when addressing these people and be clear these people are a bunch of drug addict criminals. California is where criminals run loose, a threat to your life if you are so naive to believe they are helpless homeless people who 'just need help'. These people who do not want to be helped can not be helped.

BTW, Math-Yoda, my daughter has a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology and is a licensed mental health therapist.

Let's say this in unison, "I can’t believe this is the same country I grew up in." It's supposed to make you feel better getting it off your chest. But it just doesn't. I feel an enormous shame on this country no amount of therapy will work me through. Maybe I should leave.

@man tom — well said. I can’t even imagine the country my children will live in when they’re my age.

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