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August 24, 2021


Bear steals Amazon package of toilet paper from Connecticut home, video shows

(Thanks to Jane Linderman)


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He dropped it because he realized the tp was gonna be too soft, and just didn't want to listen to that little bitch Goldilocks gripe about it.

Times are tough when the Ch@rmin agent stops calling for a commercial spot.

Well, when the bear poops in the woods he needs toilet paper.

The bear's mother panda'd to its every need with high koalaty bear ass wipes!

Running an errand for the Pope?

Cow poop, Guinea Pig poop, Gigantic poop and now Bear poop. So much poo in the blog today. What'say I add a little pee and kind of even things out.

Note: Several cows are following along just out of the picture. Special thanks for the link leading to the 'giant poop'. I don't know, reading it just did something to me. Like I kinda' cliched my stomach muscles together to be sure I didn't have a giant poo lurking around in there somewhere waiting to be canned.

man tom--When you are down and feeling like crap, here is a slick Mr.Hankey South Park tune designed to start a movement.


Le Petomane - thanks, I learned a lot. Change of subject will occur in 3...2...1...I have never watched South Park. Bevis and Butthead, never watched. I will not attempt to astonish readers, I have N-E-V-E-R in my life watched a soap opera. Never once. So many TV programs I have never watched. Like 24, never. You name the show today, you know prime time shows, never. All those zombie shows, dead of the dead, zombie frenzy flesh eating shows, etc. Never. Detective CSI shows, none.

I like old movies. Old situation comedies. American history, anything to do with American history. Documentaries, history, music. Right now I watch shows including old game shows, anything with Elaine Joyce in it. Right now she is my favorite air-head chick. I like to watch old movies and shows and watch the air-head chicks. Grace Kelly, a real air-head. There is not a single movie or TV show produced since 1947 which does not have Anne Francis making an appearance. I marvel at her mole. If you watch old TV Anne Francis is in every show. I also like Susan Oliver. She is much less air-headed than Grace Kelly, but I find myself being amazed by her air-headedness personna.

So, besides watching again and learning more about poo from your video link, I can always watch any old movie and see Anne Francis. I may write a song about this. I've have never really written an actual song. I'll have to brush up on some of Dillon's lyrics and come up with something. If you have any lyrics the geezer acre aliens would care to share, pass them along.

Well, the school bell just went off, time to head on home. Anne is awaiting ..

60+ years later, this Anne Francis starring role still freaks the bejeebers out of me.

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