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August 30, 2021


Nakamura allegedly entered the store, clicked on his lighter, and pointed it at the manager, saying: “Out with the money or I’ll light you up!”

(Thanks to Ralph)


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In his defense, he forgot to bring the gasoline can.

"Since the manager was not a scarecrow..." - classic.

As an alum of Stop-n-Rob, I would strongly suggest not bringing a lighter to a knife fight.

At one point I had to decide whether to clean up the fluid spill from the attempted perp before or after calling 911.

@NMUA .. I'm reminded of a story from the 1980's when a friend of mine worked at a Stop-N-Rob in Pflugerville. At the time, it was her responsibility as manager to collect on bad checks or they would be taken out of her paycheck. (yes, there was a time when people wrote checks for gasoline purchases) There was a check from a teenager with last name of Pfluger. When my friend called the number, an older woman answered. My friend explained the situation that a ~$15 check had bounced. After a pause the woman said, "We'll be right there."
A while later the woman was all but dragging in her granddaughter by the ear and lecturing her the entire time: "We are pfounding Pflugers for whom this town is named. You have besmirched the name of Pfluger and you will make it right. Now apologize to this store manager!" Whatever the woman said, the granddaughter obeyed. As they left, my friend said the woman was saying that in addition to paying for the bad check, there would be more consequences at home to reinforce the lesson.
I fondly remember Grandma Pfluger and her sense of character, responsibility, and take-charge attitude. The world could use more folks like her.

Come Flick My Bic !!!

Apparently, he left his gub at home.

Leave it to a Sapporan to bring a lighter to a nunchucks fight.

It's an unproven psychological fact that listening repeatedly to some song lyrics, such as the ones in the enclosed link, can be harmful.


Le Pet

In the movie you referenced above, the singing voice of actress Didi Conn was provided by Kvitka Cisyk, who also appears in the film as a bridesmaid. Debby Boone covered the title track, and her version spent 10 weeks at #1 on the U.S. pop music charts in 1977.

Pop music began trending downward and this song was a contributing factor. The keyboardist on the Lawrence Welk Show, Bob Ralston, really jumped the shark with his rendition.

Bob later was given probation for a sex crime in California, but never punished for his rendition of 'You Light Up My Life'.

Another 'Fire' tune by the Stones.

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