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August 25, 2021


“Also, as an important tip, trying to flush a lot of coke might just clog the toilet.”

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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The stupid criminals left the police with something to go on.

In his defense, it wasn't his coke, it was the snakes.

Also, if you're doing lines om the toilet, it's another good reason to keep the lid down.

An unreliable source tells me that emergency flushing of "unwanted substances" works better in high rise toilets.

what about Pepsi?

No Pepsi. Coke!

True story

I formerly worked as a sales manager for Pepsi. A Kroger manager called me as their store security team filmed one of my stocking merchandisers shoplift a Coke from a cooler and drink it in their backroom receiving area.

I had to can him.

pr: So, for how many years have you kept that traumatizing experience bottled up?

If my stocker had taken a Pepsi-Free, there wouldn't have been a problem.

The stocker had to get by on unemployment checks with C.O.L.A. adjustments.

As a Pepsi spokesperson, I heard that Michael Jackson liked to give it and take it in the can.

"He and his RC" and he'd'ave been whistling a different tune.

Rumor has it MJ would occasionally pound 7-UP if eight weren't available.

Back in the 70's I worked one summer on a Coke delivery truck stocking store displays.

*This was in the middle of the 'Carter' depression. For those of you who don't remember when Carter was president, most stores were boarded up out of business, no one was hiring and if a company went to a bank to ask for a business loan they were laughed at to their face before being turned down.

So, needing a job, which was impossible to find one, I walked into a large Coca-Cola distributorship, the front office, and asked the woman at the desk if I could fill out an application. She promptly all but laughed out loud and said, "we are not hiring at this time." I spoke back and said, "I can't even fill out an application, what's that all about?" A manager in the back office heard the conversation, came to the front desk and said, "I'll get you an application." I filled it out got an interview with him and was hired on the spot. So, for one summer I rode shotgun delivering to store displays all over the area. I only broke several cases of bottles once the entire time which is about all I remember about the entire course of the job. Oh, I remember if the Pepsi display had a sale, we would match or better them with our display. The Pepsi display guy was fair game.

Still, I'm sure a lot of people who do this are good fellas.

If you have never been at a wild high school party, had the cops knock on the door after being called for the loud music, watch a couple of guys flush party material down the toilet, then see the cops find a 7'1" tall friend trying to hide under a table in the basement...well you haven't lived. Your life has been a especially dull if you were not later told the 'stuff' got caught up and didn't go down and you probably have no clue to what this link is about. Here, fill this out.

Flushing drugs down the loo could lead to


pharmaross- You may have came up with meth-gator, a super villian even more deadly than Al Gore's nemesis on South Park, Manbearpig.


Le Petomane- you are going to make me a fan of the show yet. With your help helping to gain an understanding of Manbearpig, I have found some of the sound effects material I will use to compose the song I am writing, All Along the Watchpocket.

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