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August 05, 2021


Highly poisonous cobra on the loose in Grand Prairie

(Thanks to Dave N. and Asher Scheiner)


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Don't the individual members of KISS do private parties as "Highly Poisonous Cobras"?

It's too bad that venomous cobra escaped in Texas. The question that snake is likely pondering is why it's no longer in it's native Africa. Folks in Grand Prairie, Texas, are also asking the same question.

No doubt the snake is looking for a toilet.

The story got it right; the headline writer got it wrong. It's venomous, not poisonous.

It may not make much difference when the story is about politics, but it does in biology. Harrumph.

It's a little-known fact that Poisonous Cobras On The Prairie was a short-lived spinoff of Little House On The Prairie.

When you bite something, and die - that thing was poisonous.
If something bites you, and you die, - that thing was venomous.
But you are dead anyway, so who cares.

Forget the snakes watchout for biting wrestless:

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