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August 29, 2021


Nothing Can Eat Australia’s Cane Toads—So They Eat Each Other

(Thanks to The Perts and SeanT, who says "Reminds me of reality TV.")


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Them Toad Suckers - Mason Williams

How about Them Toad Suckers,
Ain't they clods?
Sittin' there suckin'
Them green toady-frogs.
Suckin' them hop-toads,
Suckin' them chunkers,
Suckin' them leapy-types,
Suckin' them plunkers.
Look at Them Toad Suckers,
Ain't they snappy?
Suckin' them bog-frogs,
Sure makes 'em happy.
Them huggermugger Toad Suckers,
Way down south
Stickin' them sucky toads,
In they mouth.
How to be a Toad Sucker?
No way to duck it.
Gittchyseff a toad,
Rare back and suck it!

Do all cane toads channel Hannibal Lecter?

Perhaps with a nice chianti and some fava beans?

I believe these toads that eat each other belong to the Phylum 69-EM.

Cane toads are no big deal. We have them in S. Fla. We had a house on mid Beach, and were feeding the stray cats. One day, at the cat food dish, there were two cats eating and two cane toads eating, all 4 were eating the cat food. The cats didn't seem to mind.

These toads get BIG. The technical term for them is Bufo Marinas toads.

Keeps the place hopping.

An unreliable source claims there is a market for cane toads in some sushi restaurants. The toads require a special chef like those who prepare blowfish and, even when skilled chefs
prepare the toads, some customers walk funny for a while.

These are the same species that Australian youth were licking, 20 years ago, to get high.

Two immediate questions:

1. Who discovered that these toads were "lickable"?

2. How did that person manage to talk anyone else into trying a test-lick?

Well then, they'd probably like liver and onions too.

PirateBoy - first discovered in 1812.

The story goes like this,

Can I come into your castle?

The next day, after letting the frog in and bedding him.

Note: Some accounts misrepresent the bedding as a kiss. These people are obviously impatient and chose to lick first and draw premature conclusions.

@pogo - snork!

It's a frog eat frog world.

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