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August 28, 2021


Please don't. That's not why people come here. Thank you.


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Let's enjoy a past column without political content.

God Bless America

Amber Waves of Grain

Born In the USA

Land That I Love

Home Of The Brave

I approve of this reminder
— as applied to current politics.

But Carthago delenda est!

On the plus side, life sucks, and then you die.

Of course not. We come here for hard-hitting news about squirrel terrorism, Australian toilet snakes, and the Florida Weirdness Magnet.

When & Where & How did they find the FWM?

Bans on political speech be damned - Dave Barry for President!

If Dave is elected will he pledge to declare September 19th (talk like a pirate day) to be a national holiday?

This may surprise some but there are many, many places out there on the interwebs for politics.

This blog is a much-needed politics-free oasis of sanity in a really absurd world. Let's keep it that way.

Break a leg Dave at today's Sonoma Valley Author's Festival.

I heard there's a few vineyards and wine tasting rooms in the vicinity.


If DMB is elected POTUS there will be two cars full of pot in in every garage and enough ground iguana meat for use as stuffing until we run out of chickens or Miami is inundated as a result of global warming, or whichever comes first.

For this policy I am truly grateful.

Earth is all that we've got.

I am in violent agreement with Dave.

Please keep this a politics free zone!!!

pr: Poor Elaine! She didn't even get a chance to try the bisque.

Is this to be taken as an ultimatum or more of a rock bottom reminder?

Come for the Florida Man.

Stay for the Incredibly, Alcohol Was Involved.


Re-elect Caesar Emperor !

I’m reminded of a Non-Sequitur comic where an angry mob is marching down the street with a banner saying “Join the fight against feigned outrage!” A couple of bystanders are asking themselves whether they should be with them or against them.

Jim, surely you just don't give a damn, but let me caution you, as a fellow fence straddler, that apathy can be a cruel mistress, not that it makes much of a difference, either way.

Hail Caesar!

"Make America Giggle Again!"

"This is a battle for the humor bone of the nation!"

"I'm neither right wing nor left wing. I'm sorta middle of the bird."

"I've learned that if you're too much right wing or left wing you just fly around in circles."

Dave Barry for President! No Lo-Flo!

OK, I'm out....

We are not here to praise Thane Caesar, for he is already buried, we are here to free Sirhan-Sirhan. Long live DMB

@cfjk: I’ve heard that the opposite of love is not hate, but rather apathy. I’ve found this to be true in relationships. I’d say that I hate that this has been the case in my experience, but then someone’s apathy may be a more merciful response than active hate.

Dave's Morning Alarm Music

@Jim, it pains me to say we could not be more in agreement, as love & hate are not two, but rather one emotion, so as they say, apathy is not where you find it.


It's painfully obvious politics are just another way to keep us humans from focusing on matters that matter. Here we have human fat genes injected into potatoes that make them grow huge. This could lead to these potatoes growing legs or tentacles, becoming sentient, and stampeding across Widaho and adjoining states. It would require holding potato roundups to have French fries! This could lead to a scenario where sentient potatoes will eventually hunt humans as a food source for them!


And let's not not overlook the threat of The Squirrels, manbearpig, alien snails...The list is long and time is short. Let us forget politics (derived from poly, meaning many and ticks, which are blood sucking insects) and continue focusing on matters that matter.

Shut up Dad!!!

Come home now. I can't hold it much longer!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixYqFQRjAs0 "Every 11,000 t0 13,000 years..."

Does this mean we can't express our sincere and overwhelming support for the campaign to elect Dave Barry as President?

@cfjk: Upon achieving Oneness, I went on to strive for Twoness. Failing that, I just didn't care.

@Jim: Soldier on! You're still one for two, & there's a threeness-strikes & you're out rule.

The Solar System. Like It or Leave It.

Sometimes it's just hard to get one's head out of Uranus.

" What do we want ? "
" Time Travel ! "
" When do we want it ? "
" It doesn't matter ! "

If, at some time in the distant future, time travel is achieved, it's already happened.

I support “Know Nothing -Do Nothing” Party. This is our future!

They called me apathetic, I told them I didn't care.

More National Reaction To Dave's Midnight Announcement & Post

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjBe55XpYzc0HzkK-8lgQtA/videos Not to worry, we won't have to put up with it anymore that much longer.

I can't post my support for "Dave Barry For President" anymore???


@pharmaross: Good clip. Here are several of my favorite film clips, loosely tied to the same theme (courtesy of Woody Allen): alien scene from Stardust Memories, "the horrible and the miserable," from Annie Hall, and art gallery scene from Play It Again, Sam. Enjoy!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, life sucks, and then you die.

Dave - You sound irritated.

What's really eating you???

I come here all most entirely for facts. Before I my head was in a fog.

A lavish thanks in advance, but please don't.

These political posts really make my head spin and make me sick to my stomach.

Hearing that Dave will run for President in 2024 gives us all a warm feeling inside.

pr: You little minx!

We can share recipes, Ruam mit. In English, this is called, all my friends. No relation to Romney.

Who the *HELL* is at the controls of this online journal?

Forget that. I will never stop talking about politics on this site. Vote Monster Raving Loony Party for M.P.! Lord Buckethead--for a more radioactive future!

@cfjk Talk Like a Pirate Day is already considered Holy by Pastafarians.

@Steverino: Who doesn't like pasta?

So much for Belgian neutrality.

There is a difference between partisan political proselytizing and lampooning a political doofus.

Johnny Carson was a master of skewering politicians of every persuasion, albeit with decades of credibility doing so with biting wit. A faceless blogger doing this only incites the rabid, often clueless partisans, blinded by the media manipulated persona of their political heroes. It takes deft skill to pull off political humor without offending the masses today. Which is why political humor is so fragmented on cable, network and social media. Dave is simply trying to keep the blog above the fractured political fray of today's American media landscape.

Personally, I can appreciate a good, clever dig regardless of the target. Don Rickles and other topical comedians of yesterday would have a hard time making it in the 'woke' culture that is pervasive today.

I think Dave's political humor is more along the lines of Mark Twain and Will Rogers - gentle but deep. But politics itself I'm tired of so yeah, we get too much of that as it is.

So no personal "political views" but it's open season for political humor needling ALL political denominations (best perpetrated under ever-changing screen names).

Put a "Political Humor" warning on any such posts, just as warnings for "Adult" content, or "NSFW", or "PG-18".

Politically sensitive or thin-skinned readers have nobody but themselves to blame if they are irked or offended by clicking on a labeled "Political Humor" link. Simply scroll past it without clicking and reading it.

Enough of this 'Woke' nonsense and shutting down of Twitter and Facebook accounts because you are a hard left or hard lib follower. Dave has shared his Libertarian leanings and even blog contributors have First Amendment Rights to express themselves through political humor. Given the ongoing global covid pandemic, political satire and humor is a welcome respite from the nightly news and newspapers.

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