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July 04, 2021


Plans by Ukraine's defence ministry to have female soldiers march in high heels instead of army boots in a parade next month have caused angry reactions.

(Thanks to DK and The Perts)


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Let's be objective about this. Of course female soldiers should march in high heels. Obviously, it makes them appear bigger, more scary and hence more effective.

Yet another brilliant idea coming from military headquarters. Hey, let's have the men wear them, too!

The photo makes me think that this would have made a good Monty Python skit. Maybe add a fish-slapping scene.

If they're as sizable as their Russian neighbors I don't need to see it.

Berlinska, "All right listen up, Portnikov, Kondratyuk and Pet saddle up we're going to take that hill."

Kondratyuk, "I'm locked and loaded lLove, but I broke a heel?"

Beerlinska, "here, take mine and tighten up that bullet proof bra, those grenades hanging from it are exposing too much cleavage."

Kondratyuk, "I'll go barefoot with a mini skirt if I have too, but those tramps are going down."

Portnikov, "I'm afraid, Love."

Berlinska, "Afraid of that bunch of swingin' dick wannabee's?" "And stop calling me Love."

Portnikov, "No, afraid of you."

- after successfully taking the hill upon return to their lines.

Berlinska, "where's Pet?"

Portnikov. "she met someone, Love."

As long as their mid-thigh high leather boots with 9" heals and are accompanied with bullwhips I don't forsee any problems.

"I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot."

Marilyn Monroe

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