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July 19, 2021


American kids binge-watch Peppa Pig and 'start speaking in British accents'

(Thanks to John Lobert, who says "We fought a revolution for nothing.")


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Some people have reported encountering a similar problem whenever they try to drive through the Carolinas.

What's wrong with " oink, oink, oink " as a general answer to everything ?

"Commissioner Gordon, this is a crisis situation. We have no choice but to send up the Smithfield Packing signal. They could be our only hope of stopping this accent invasion."

Any word on France's reaction?

The Rhode Island woman doesn't realize what a benefit this is. Now, other Americans will actually be able to understand her kids. If they spoke like Rhode Islanders, nobody would have the slightest idea what they were saying.

Wait. Peppa Pig is British? Who knew?

That happened with a young Peppa-viewing relative of mine several years ago. I understand that her preschool teacher made sure her parents were aware of this in much the same trepidatious way as the principal in Catch Me if You Can: "I regret to inform you that, for the past week, Frank has been teaching Mrs. Glasser's French class."

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