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July 21, 2021


15,000-year-old viruses discovered in Tibetan glacier ice

(Thanks to Ralph and wiredog)


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Where the heck are we going to find a 15,000 year old doctor to deal with this ?

No big deal, they just infect ice worms.

Now, the ice worms...

Let's hope what happens in a Tibetan glacier, stays in a Tibetan glacier.

Well, that's certainly the LAST place I'da looked.

Oh, that's just great. Now we can be infected by the PRECURSOR to SARS-CoV-2.

What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Seems like Global Warming is causing more problem than we think.

I have also seen this movie. Some 'Thing' will show up to cause those scientists grief. Don't scientists ever watch old sci-fi movies?

It's not a virus, it's aliens. Has no one seen the X Files episode "Tunguska"?

Is Sigourney Weaver available for Alien MCLXVII?

That should help drive down the the price of yurts.

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