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July 29, 2021


Freaky ‘Penis Snakes’ Have Finally Made It to the U.S., and of Course They Chose Florida

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Possibly related

Florida residents should count their blessings. If the penis snakes were Australian, they would be venomous.

On the plus side, at least they're not double ended.

I don't know if Florida has budgetary problems, but if so, I know how to solve them.

Build a fence along the state line with a gate at all the usual entry points. Put up a sign that says "Florida Zoo, the world's largest and most diverse". Then charge $20 admission to everyone who enters.

Cheaper than Disney, and the state turns a huge surplus.

So-named because, despite having what appears to be a fully-functional brain, the creator is driven entirely by sensory impulse.

^ *creature

We can only hope that they don't find any Vagina Mollusks.

"C-4 canal"? is that what they're calling them now?

Alien invaders? Build a wall!

vaporsmith--Nurse Cindy could elaborate, but how a penis snake got in someone's C4 vertebrae "canal" is a mystery to me. In any case, it sounds serious.

Le Petomane, they probably sat on it. That's what all my patients who had mag light stuck up there told me.
It has to be said:
The Freaky Penis Snakes wbagnfarb.

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