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July 20, 2021


Florida man banned from playing tuba on beach

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Would bag pipes or an accordion be preferred?

“ …a town manager told Nangle that playing his tuba violated the entertainment ordinance.” Does it violate the ordinance because tuba music constitutes entertainment, OR because the honking noise from a tuba interferes with actual entertainment?

The music goes round'n round, but it can't come out at the beach.

Looks like the headline writers missed a golden opportunity here. Should be: "Florida Man banned for blowing his own horn at the shore". In his defense, it appears no pickles were involved.

I think a visit this December from a touring group would be in order.

Mr. Nangle's Stress Relief Beach Band originally consisted of his tuba, two bagpipe players and a kazoo. Except for Mr. Nangle, the other band members disappeared under rather odd circumstances.

All he needs is for a friend to complain to the city that his playing is not entertaining. Problem solved.

Tuba or no tuba, that is the question.

But bagpipes are still allowed right? I mean there's no way that bagpipes could ever be described as entertaining, right?

Nothing worse than getting sand on the keyboard and between the buttons of your squeeze-box.

The answer my friend, is blowing on your tuba...(under the boardwalk).

@wanderer - Tuba Christmas is an annual event for the MOTW household, whose youngest caveman is a tuba player (and trombone -tenor and bass-, keyboard, etc.) and music ed major.

“Tuba, or not Tuba, that is the question”.

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