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July 01, 2021


A Group Of Boston Dynamics Spot Robots Dancing To BTS's 'IONIQ'

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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That is is even more terrifying than the original music video, which was creepy.

Okay, actually it was stunningly cool (the robots, not the band).

No, I think I'll go back to terrifying (the robots AND the band).

Trying to recall what this reminded me of... and then it came to me.

(especially at 2:18)

That's not dancing. Here's real dancing. Bee sting at 50 seconds in.

Well, this may be first good news this year related to the Macy's Parade. Evem if it's gonna be virtual this year it can open with them doing a live performanace in Times Square: -Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to the 2021 Macy's Parade, standing in for the now quarantined by variantD "Rockettes", we have the world premiere of the Boston Scientific "Sprockettes"!-

My invisible dancing robots can out-dance them. Now back to my invisible sculpturing.

I don't think they'd make it onto "Soul Train".

*snork* @ Rod Nunley*

Catchy robot lyrics!

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