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July 07, 2021


How to Avoid Snakes Slithering Up Your Toilet

(Thanks to Bruce)


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Well, if you successfully prevent snakes from entering the roof vent for your pumbing system, then they're gonna start looking for the next convenient location which may turn out to be in Uranus, and nobody wants that.

They're getting in through the roof vents! Because no one keeps a mongoose on the roof...until now.

Is it possible to install a garbage disposal in the vent pipe?

Glue the lid shut and use the litter box. The cat won't mind.

I don’t like getting on the roof, I can’t squat low enough to share with the cat, and I don’t know where to get a mongoose. How about if I add a pint of bleach to the toilet bowl after each flush? Would that be sufficiently irritating to discourage reptiles?

Soon to be appearing in Math-Yoda's toilet: "White Snake"

Just close the lid and put a cinder block on it. And do your business out in the woods.

This covers it.

They are still active and have regular gigs all around CA.

Mr. Know-it-all here in Geezer Acres claims the only way to have 100% protection from toilet snakes slithering up to bite you on the butt is to move to New Zealand where he claims there are no snakes.

Don't live in Australia.

LeDud— I like the cinder block idea, but I can’t imagine that squatting with my tuchus near the forest floor will keep me safe from snakes. Also, I have no desire for an infestation of chiggers in my groin.
Maybe I should use a quart of bleach.

What is a toilet?

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