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July 26, 2021


The BQE Is Covered In Peppers Following Major Crash

(Thanks to Ashe Scheiner)


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This accident shows the difference in cultures: Here in the Southwest, concerned citizens would cheerfully help haul away those spilled peppers to save public funds. In Brooklyn, most likely, they will have Hazmat clear the area, then have a Priest sprinkle Holy Water on the site.

Since the peppers are clearly not jalapeños, serranos, or poblanos, I won't be suffering any trauma due to the loss.

Of Course.

Hey, it's gonna be a hot afternoon, so just throw on some onions, sausage and olive oil and call it a block party. We're gonna need a lot more grinder rolls. With a little luck maybe some cases of beer will fall off the back of a truck.

^5 @Ralph

Ask not for whom the bell pepper tolls .. or what toll road they're on.

Maybe this road accident is the result of a botched pepperjack.

What Dave said.

When we go to Connecticut and Massachusetts, the GPS route of choice is via the BQE. To avoid it I take the Belt Parkway to the Van Wyck to the Whitestone Expressway and Bronx-Whitestone Bridge.

Much better for one's sanity.

Isn't that the same route Kramer & George Costanza used to get to JFK?

@Ralph — it’s an inverted bell curve and noticeably platykurtic (no outliers). Thanks for that image.

Cayenne I get a witness?

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