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July 04, 2021


Man discovers bullet in buttocks, told police he thought it was “Roman candle”

The story presents a textbook example of how a true guy deals with a medical issue:

The man said he felt something hit his left buttock, but “didn’t think much about it.” The next morning when he woke up, the man said he was bleeding, but still “didn’t think too much about it.” Later he noticed a lump in his groin area. He said that he felt some pain, but that it “was tolerable.”

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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You see this all the time in movies and television, The hero takes a devastating slug knocking him off balance, returns fire while grimacing over an obviously badly damaged dangling appendage. The bad guy is shot full of holes, the hero collapses as help arrives. Next scene, usually later that afternoon or next day, the hero is wearing a bandage over the wound, has a red mark on his forehead and says something like, "I'm fine, I'm late for a date with my new partner, Angie Dickinson of Police Woman."

It would take a flying anvil to stop him!

Hey, that is my college girlfriend sitting in for Pat Benatar.

In his defense, he wasn't aware his assailant was a crack shot.

Here my high school sweetheart does one her more famous totally relevant vid's. Ok, that's not my HS sweetheart. My SW was much prettier.

Writer's embellishment. I'm waiting for one of the women of female gender bloggers to jump in and tell a big lie about dating Clint Eastwood. How bizarre would that be? It's so much fun here on Katy's blog. I LUV U Katy.

True story. I knew a woman, this was years ago when I was in my early 20's, who worked at one time, not when I worked there, at the same bar as I did. We were both bartenders. I'm not exaggerating at all now, she looked just like Angie Dickinson. I swear she did. She has the same blonde hair style and beautiful sky blue eyes. Gorgeous. She was a knockout, a little older than I was at the time. So, one night she was tending bar and I decided to make my move. I can't remember what I said, or did see my later comment, while making this move, but her response was unforgettable. She said to me, "man tom, I only date married men."

I was left somewhat dumbfounded standing there at the bar. The next day I went back and she said, "man tom, what were you doing last night standing at the bar with your pants down?"

It always worked before.

Another true story. When Mrs Le Petomane and I were working on a gold mine near an almost ghost town in Oregon, a guy used to get free drinks from tourists in the only bar in town by letting people feel the bullets in his belly. It seems he had been messing around with the wrong man's wife. Her husband got quite irate and took out a .25 Caliber pistol and proceeded to put 5 bullets in the guy's gut. He drove himself to the hospital, but didn't have insurance to get the bullets removed. It was a rather underpowered gun and the bullets didn't penetrate deep enough to hit anything vital so he decided to make the best of it. Mrs Le Petomane said the bullets were just under the skin and you could move them around like marbles. I never felt them, but bought him a few beers just because I liked the story.

"didn't think too much about it"

There's a country song in there somewhere.

The alternative is to see a doctor, and that ain't happening.

Alternate header: "Guy's Inaction."

'Greek candle" more likely, iykwim

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