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July 19, 2021


Watch this.

Advisory: Totally justified bad word at end.

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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The student pilot was testing his faith by letting Jesus land his plane, which only goes to show that one CAN fly a plane wearing sandals.

Talk about calm under pressure, this guy wrote the book! Way to go! (As soon as I can get up from my fetal position on the floor, I'll take my hat off to young Brandon.)

I always though "Holy Shit" was when they mixed Ex-Lax in with the Communion wine.

Attention Billionaires: Start the bidding war for your new private pilot!

Admittedly, my day has started off better than his, and certainly better than the guy with the (momentarily) flying car.

Will Tom Hanks be available for the soon-to-be motion picture?

This guy is officially overqualified to fly for any number of Third World airlines.

Time for a completely, well maybe not completely as in 'completely', 'what does this video have to do with anything'.

I think he’s ready to get his regular pilot’s license now. He also needs to come and get his plane out of my backyard.

Back when I was training to get a private pilot's license, my instructor, a retired fighter pilot, gave me a lesson I never forgot. I was flying along nicely in a Cessna 152 when the instructor reached over and cut off the engine.
He said, "OK, your engine just quit, now rather than trying to find a soft spot to crash, keep your head about you and maintain your airspeed, that's what is keeping you in the air."
I lined up with a dirt road with no traffic and glided in getting ready to land when he restarted the engine.
Years later, a Jet Ranger helicopter I was a passenger in, had the engine blow. The pilot, a Vietnam veteran pilot who was totally cool under pressure, autorotated the 'copter in for a soft landing in an open clearing. There were 5 of us on board and some of the seat covers needed attention, but no real damage to the helicopter or anyone.
This guy proved keeping your cool under stress is a great skin saver.

Awesome story, Le Petomane! ^5!

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