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July 26, 2021


Michelangelo's fingerprint possibly found on butt of wax statue

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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A State Police friend ran a check for warrants and BOLO's on both Mike and Michel Angelo and came up blank. Even though he could be arrested for various crimes nowadays, it seems the laws were more lax in the 1500's and nothing was entered into a criminal data base. Therefore, whatever his first and last names were, he'll skate on this one.

Well sure, they found the thumbprint, but what about the index finger?

That was unwanted touching!

Was it a consenting wax statue?

It could have been worse.

"So do we have the print...where's the wax statue now?"

"I put in a heated airtight container with high humidity along with super glue waiting for the super glue to boil away into the immediate atmosphere and eventually settle on the residue left behind by the finger. The reaction gives the residue a whitish appearance, making the fingerprint easy to see."

"Have any other questions?"

Later in history he might have been one to bite the wax tadpole too.

This finding excited me way more than it should have.

Not to wax poetic here, but does that make it a waning or waxing moon?

C'mon. Who gives a wax statue a prostate exam?

https://greekreporter.com/2021/07/01/the-discovery-of-the-venus-de-milo-statue/ The French killed 200 Greek soldiers in their efforts to secure Venus de Milo, so there's no telling what their reaction will be once they become aware of Uranus de Thumbprint. This Could be the spark that starts WWIII.

How do you say "Turn your head and cough" in Italian?

The gerbil refused to come out and pose

Or maybe it was the museum cleaning lady's.

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