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July 28, 2021


This is the moment a sex shop worker chases a thief out of the store with a long double-ended dildo. 

(Thanks to Roberto and pharmaross)


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This story is as fake as the phallus used by the clerk. Why do we get all these fake stories out of former USSR countries — like the Ukrainian couple who supposedly stayed handcuffed for months but had pictures showing that they could change outfits?

He needs to get the Order of Lenin at least.

Or a job as a bouncer at Chuck E. Cheese's.


I'd imagine this bonus functionality has attracted the interest of the marketing types.

"It can give pleasure as a sex toy, or pain as weapon. Or a sex toy."

There's two sides to every story.

The wannabe crook is now a certified dickhead.

Leave it to a Russian to bring a knife to a dildo fight.

Reminds me of the battle between Darth Maul and Qui-Gon Jinn in “Star Wars: The Phantom Phallus’

I wonder if she also had a set of those furry handcuffs? If they have them. I wouldn't know because I've never been to a store like that. A friend told me they might carry them.

Back in the declining days of video rentals I visited a MoM & PoP video store. For those of you too young to remember those times, there would be a back room were the "Adult Movies' were kept. I noticed that they had added a selection of sex toys with a sign "BATTERIES AVAILABLE AT CHECKOUT"
A full service operation.

It seems like the thief was so confused he couldn't tell if he was coming or going.

In this upcoming movie, I see Pee-Wee Herman playing the lead.

All this rime I thought they only had one purpose.

They opened for Steely Dan.

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