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July 29, 2021


Which NFL Fans Drink The Most?

(Thanks to Dave N.)


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*Quaffs a Spotted Cow for Green Bay*

If you are drinking at a game in L.A., feel free to pee right on the spot. Elected officials ask that you poo only between parked cars in the parking lot or neighborhood of you choosing.

Page won't load for me but I have to think Detroit Lions fans are high on the list, because their choices are to drink or to watch the team play.

This subject is important enough it needs scientific study. Maybe several university studies, actually. I suggest getting the endorsement of scientists and student volunteers will present no problem at all.

Drinking the most what?

They're lying, of course.

Also, the results almost certainly don't include all the booze smuggled into the games in fake binocular flasks and the like.

The Detroit Lie-Downs fans have the greatest reasons to drink more!

Tippin' a cold one to salute ZZ Top's Dusty Hill...R.I.P.

I thought for sure that Packer's fans would be number 1. How else can you explain the shirtless men watching the game in -20 degree weather?
I'm not too surprised by my Panthers. We drink because they stink.

pharmaross, I'll be doing that at the local brewery with some musician buddies in a few hours.

You heard it on the X.

Considering how obnoxious New England fans can be, I'm really surprised they don't drink more. Guess they are just naturally that way.....

Pats don't NEED to drink because they're already drunk when they arrive at the stadium, but it doesn't really slow them down much.

ZZ Top visit Johnny Carson in May of '86

Thankfully I caught their 50th anniversary tour in Estero Florida about a year ago. GREAT SHOW!!!

What we need to know is: how does this correlate with the team's win/loss record?

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