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July 30, 2021


Students Are Getting Paid to Poop at a South Korean University

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner)


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Is that a 3 or a 6 crdiet course & are the credits transferable?

One question....Do they offer online degrees?

I would worry about the professor who grades the poop.

The night before finals must be rough.

That may give the phrase "cramming fo the exam" a hole new meaning.

Can I get an honorarium for my last colonoscopy?

I have a little building out back. I've never thought of it as a Bank before this. I hesitate on making a withdrawal though.

Do you really want to carry Feces Standard Money in your pocket? When you dig in to grab a yen or two, what comes out in/on your hand?

Yeah, not reading this article.

They don't ask old guys like me in these experiments because we never get out of the bathroom.

Around 1:02 in, "we hate it when this happens."

Needless to say, she is welcome to conduct an interview anytime on the streets of L.A.

"Each pooper earns a few units of a currency Cho has dubbed Feces Standard Money..."

The FSM is not amused.

So does this imply that old corn-cobs classify as Non-Fungible Tokens?

I've been working on the NIGHT SOIL

New book release! Poop Your Way to Financial Security by Anon. Only $49.99 +S&H and include additional fee for a FREE second book! Order now, supplies are limited. Not available on Amazon. Inquire @ Flathead County Frank Books online. This call is FREE to me.

In the old days, farmers would go through the streets of Tokyo with buckets, asking for donations of poop to use as fertilizer, in exchange for which the farmers would give a few vegetables. Poop was so valued that the saying was, "You can eat out, but you must poop at home."

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