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July 27, 2021


Council Bluffs park hit by repeat bubble vandals

(Thanks to pharmaross)

We saw them open for the Troggs.


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Last evening I got a late night call from the lawyer who's office is three doors down.

"man tom, I went out to my mailbox to get the information you left there and I heard a banging noise at the front of the condemned marijuana shop. I saw two guys beating on the front door with a metal bar trying to break in. I called 911 and told them this is in progress. The police are here all over the place."

"I know I can the police cars on my camera out back of your building. Did those bastards put soap in the fountain again? I would like to grab them by their little noses and shake them good and tell them what bad little useless vandals they are."

Still it's kinda nice to see a guvmint (any guvmint) come clean about just about anything.

This day in Rock history.

Repeat Bubble Vandals got together with these guys and did a benefit concert excerpts of which are seen here.

Amazing how every lyric ever written by this group was overlooked when The Book of bad Songs was being put together.

Not to give anyone ideas, but this was the plotline of one of the Alvin Fernald kids stories by Clifford Hicks.

tiny bubbles
in the fountain
makes me happy
makes me feel fine

tiny bubbles in the fountain
makes the cops angry
and not feeling fine
tiny bubbles there makes them really not feel fine

no more tiny bubbles
in the fountain for me
To be safe and free
Only tiny bubbles in wine for me

"Who dumped a whole truckload of Fizzies into the swim meet?"

"You're talking about the Deltas, sir."

And to continue the "Animal House" theme, did you catch that the woman interviewed in the story was named Neidermyer?

Cue the theme music.

There An't nuffing worst that a BUBBLE FREAK!

"Be a Better Citizen!"

Council Bluffs mayor declares free bubble baths for the homeless?

Hangin' is too good for these vandals.

Lanolin, also called wool yolk, wool wax, or wool grease, is a wax secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals.

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