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July 27, 2021


Pogo-stick crutches.

(Thanks to Nancy Gill)

The Below Zero ice cream machine uses a unique technique to freeze alcohol, which allows you to turn beers, cocktails and even spirits into delicious soft-serve ice cream.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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Why stop at one broken-leg when having two could be twice as fun.

Why stop at one broken leg? With pogo stick crutches you can not only have two broken legs but a couple of broken arms too. No extra charge for concussions!

Sounds like those pogo-crutches are gonna need the optional cup holders.

Soft-serve alcohol and Pogo stick crutches, the perfect one-two combination..

Some restaurants have been doing soft-serve booze for decades. I recall having a soft-serve Brandy Alexander for dessert almost 60 years ago when I was young enough to consider something like that a treat. (Back to the geezer bus.)

Pogo-stick crutches design was taught at CSP-COR auto mechanics class until several of these future Ford mechanics got tangled in the razor wire while attempting to hop their way to freedom.

Hell, just make a beer float. Stout goes well with vanilla ice cream as long as it has a strong vanilla taste (you may want to add some of the good Mexican extract).

Rod is correct about vanilla extract being good in drinks. A lot of Old West saloons offered a thimble of vanilla added to a mug of beer. It's worth a try.

Vanilla Cokes were a thing back in the fifties.

7-Eleven should install it and sell some vodka slurpees. It will be a hit in the summer.

If you're ever in the Fort Myers, Naples, Bonita Springs area of SW Florida, get your ice cream buzz here.

My neighborhood ice cream fix parlor with homemade alcohol infused flavors:

Dirty Girl Stout
Pecan Buttershot
Pina Colada
Hoosier Daddy
Amaretto Cherry Fudge
Rum "Runnin" Raisin

or you could go back to the 70s for your frozen booze...

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