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July 08, 2021


Watch out for cars. Also snakes.

(Thanks to nursecindy and Ralph)


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"After reportedly getting a search warrant," Well did they have a warrant or not?

"The alleged car thief continued to use the vehicle to make his way through security gates, stopping by Hibbett Sports and Kay Jewelers. "
Anybody else smellin' romance in the air on this one? Blogettes, we'll keep you up to date on his marital status.

An ENTIRE drive-thru mall! Thiw could be the break-through concept that revives malls across the nation. So what if there's a few snakes there, just run them over. Have they checked the carpet outlets for the python?

It's obvious. The snake was looking for a toilet.

"Pythons slowly squeeze their prey to death before swallowing them. Cara was described as “very sweet” by her handlers, who released a photo of the animal."

I'd hate to meet a "mean" python.

"Friendly snake" and "Military intelligence" are both classic examples of oxymorons in my book.

Shop til you drop.

This is just great. I shop at the "drive-thru" mall. So now I not only will have to keep dodging the mall walkers, I'm going to have to look out for cars too.

The snake has been found. It was resting, apparently tired after its mall crawl.

Been there. Done that. Made a movie.

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