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July 29, 2021


Man ‘swiped’ by jaguar after he put his hand in exhibit at Jax Zoo

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Do not mess with them.

I've got an idea for a great new reality TV series: Florida Man Safari. Each episode will feature Florida Man performing Darwinism Demonstrations (tm) at a different venue. This week was "Florida Man at the Zoo." Future episodes include "Florida Man at a Nuclear Reactor," "Florida Man with Portable Mechanical Rides," and "Florida Man Under the Hood of His Car."

Wasn't this scene part of the opening credits of The Fugitive?

wanderer2575 - you left out, 'Florida Man Poo's on the Street while CA Dreamin'.

Great idea, the show would be a hit.

Joe Biden announced he has hired a female amputee speech writer.
He said she would be really good at stump speeches.

A Florida Man tv series would be a bigger success if they crossed the Florida Man show with Survivor. Each week the nation could see just how stupid Florida Man can get and wait to see if he will survive the episode--or not. There appears to be an endless supply of Florida Men, so finding a replacement for the losers should be no problem.

Never do the hokey-pokey with a Florida jaguar,(or cougar for that matter).

wanderer, if you can get this done, I promise I'll watch every single episode without fail.

I agree with Rod Nunley. wanderer, I'd love to see a show like that.
To make matters even worse he probably had to get a tetanus shot when he got to the ER too. I hope it hurt.

They changed his name to Claude.

Steverino, that is an underrated comment. Well-done…

Side note: I think Florida Man has always been the inspiration for Homer Simpson’s writers.

In his defense, the jaguar was splooting at the time.

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