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July 25, 2021


A group of Gisborne "hero nannies" sprang into action, wielding chairs, handbags and kicking over tables, to fight off two wannabe thieves who tried to rob them of $700 during their bingo night.

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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The thieves should just be happy they didn't attempt this during the old ladies cornhole night.

Dear Thieves,

DO NOT interrupt bingo night. You will be lucky to live.

In the end, this was a B9 attempt to steal bingo money.

"Hell hath no fury like a ladies bingo night interrupted."

-----Woody Shakespeare

Good for these women! Maybe they should consider locking the doors the next time they play.
I worked at a nursing home for a while and one of the first things I learned was to never get in front of a wheelchair that was headed to a bingo game.

At 77, I'm a little to close to being in a nursing home than I want to be: I've seen these commercials for "retirement" places and they are all having fun playing bridge, ping pong and other such excitements. Makes me want to hurl. I like my own home and they can pry the house keys from my cold, dead fingers.

They are also available to recreate "The Battle of Pearl Harbor."

^anthony stewart -We're with you 100%. Of interest. Don't miss the Tokyo Olympics Hurling competition. Highly entertaining.

Gisborne? As in Guy of... ?

Don't get sand on your bingo dauber.

Snork @ Le Petomane!

^5 to anthony stewart and man tom! :)

"He fell down on the ground. A couple of the nannies on the other side were hitting him with their bags. It wasn't until he ran off and the pouch of money was still there."

I'm with Burt M. Reminds me of the ladies historical society ala Monty Python.

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