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July 20, 2021


Tokyo Olympics: 'Plague of oysters' threatens key venue

(Thanks to Ralph)


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They better order more condoms.

"Solving the problem has been a huge and time consuming task."

While the population of the entire city of Tokyo laid, many fled, in fear causing the sushi market to spoil, it also plummeted, the oysters blasted this song all the while in defiance. Then the oysters cranked up the volume with this mollusk victory song.

Officials cautioned Tokyo citizens to remain clam during the takeover.

Wasn't one of the four seahorses of the apocalypse being driven by an oyster?

Y'know, at most Olympics they build special ponds for these races rather than setting the course on top of an oyster reef.

They could have saved $1.28m if they had allowed the Walrus and the Carpenter into Japan despite the border closure.

They opened for Pearl Jam

More cowbell.

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